The hot topic discussion of animal emotions

It is widely regarded as fact that animal emotions are a real thing. Countless articles and research only a few keywords clicks away suggest that animals likely feel the following.

“Fear, joy, happiness, shame, embarrassment, resentment, jealousy, rage, anger, love, pleasure, compassion, respect, relief, disgust, sadness, despair and grief.”

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Of course to those with animals like us it’s easy to see this. Puppies getting over-excited and having a piddle on your brand new carpet, cats getting jealous because you stroked the other cat and it’s their turn for love. It happens on a daily basis, perhaps you’re even one to talk to your pet. They have personalities and they definitely have animal emotions

It’s interesting then that back in 2017 MP’s actually voted to reject the inclusion of animal sentience. It’s the admission that animals feel emotion and pain and it’s for the EU withdrawal bill. Now without getting too political I want to tell you why these sorts of things are a set back.


Michael Gove pledged to prioritise animal rights during Brexit, this is something that many animal rights activists feel pretty strongly for. Why though? Because most of our legislation for animal welfare comes from the EU. We are taking the laws and matters that work for us but glossing over topics.

The government said during their debate on the issue that the clause was covered by the animal welfare act of 2006. Something that RSPCA disputed. Animal sentience was only incorporated into EU law in 2009 in the Lisbon Treaty after years and years of campaigning.


Is it as bad as it seems?

Yes and no. Whilst the issue was largely glossed over by the government it’s important to note that some measures were taken. The environment secretary published a bill to strengthen animal welfare on the goverment website. They also published a short three clause draft Bill, explanatory notes and consultation. The consultation closes on 31 January 2018, which isn’t exactly far away at this point. I recommend reading through it if you have anything you want to say on the issue.


Anything else?

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