Best pets for kids that you can buy?


Best pets for kids you can buy are going to depend on a few factors. Cost of purchase, cost of maintenance and the obvious, how difficult it is to actually look after. We all know what dogs and cats are like. If you’re willing to put that much effort it, best to make your friend a family animal. I think in this article I want to show you a couple interesting alternatives you might not have considered.

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Budgies / Canaries


Birds can be found for sale starting around £20 and up. They are extremely cheap to purchase. That being said a decent cage will cost you at least £30.

Birds like the Canary do not require a lot of attention. They are happy to hang out inside of a cage. Although the Canary doesn’t like to be handled quite so much.

When it comes to keeping a bird, they are fairly easy maintenance. They need things like a night cover, a water bowl, a seed bowl, grit, perches, floor lining (sandsheets) and some cuttlefish and millet. Tonic seed and toys!

So what’s the weekly cost? Sandsheets, grit, bird seed, millet and cuttlefish on an average week is going to cost you roughly £5 a week. As far as pets go, they are REALLY inexpensive. Although your toy budget keeping them happy might up that a little bit!

The downsides to birds? Well there isn’t many, pet shops stock a little less for birds than cats and dogs but that shouldn’t be too surprising. Maintaining a birds health is imperative! Your local vets will be very reluctant to operate on a bird.

In essence these make great pets for the children who have busy schedules on their games and don’t have time to commit like they would for a different animal. They could be a set of best pets for kids.




Reptiles / Invertebrates


Reptiles can cost a little more to purchase. Not with their cost price but their accessory list can be a little bit more. A snake might cost you as little as £20 but it’s vivarium, heat mat and other accessories can climb quite high starting at around £60 for a basic setup.

That being said once you’ve purchased everything, the only maintenance costs for something like a snake would only be aspen and some cleaning gear. That’s roughly £5 a week, if that! So a greater start cost but keeping is far cheaper.

Keeping something like a snake is fairly easy, you’ll need things like thawed frozen mice that get fed occasionally. A cave for them to hide away in, perhaps some branches for climbing, a water bowl and possibly a feeding dish.

Snakes are not cuddly creatures, neither are bearded dragons or tarantulas. That is something you’ll have to get around with these kinds of animals. They can be handled and you can love them all the same, but you should know that they are very much not like a dog or a cat.

The downsides to reptiles and invertebrates? Owning a bird is very similar in it’s downsides. Finding items to purchase is slightly more difficult. Their food is a little stranger than your average kibble and the vets are hesitant to operate if they get sick, if not completely unable.

These pets require a lot more work than your typical gerbil, hamster, guinea pig or degu but they do make for a great pet that doesn’t require as much attention. They could be a set of best pets for kids.


Let me know what you think…

Let me know your thoughts on these animal choices and whether or not they are something you might perhaps buy for your children. I’m back on social media as well if you’re interested in chatting directly to me. I recently made an article on microchip cat flaps if that’s of any interest to you. Other than that, do not forget to contact me if you do need to talk.

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