Why is it a health benefit?

So you might be wondering why coldpressed dog food is a health benefit? It’s really simple! Unlike traditional oven baked goods for dogs, coldpressed food is cooked at lower temperatures. This is a major health benefit because it allows the nutrients to retain in the food. Traditional oven baked foods cook their ingredients at a high temperature and the food loses it’s nutrients!

So why does that matter?

Well let’s look at this from a few different perspectives. It’s cheaper on a per meal basis, so it saves you money and is better for your dog. If you’re feeding a regular food let’s say you’ll be feeding your adult dog 400g a day. That bag of dried dog food isn’t going to last long. Chances are you just readily fork out a ton of money on dog food that isn’t that good and costs you a fortune! Foods such as Gentle, Marcus Muhle, Forthglade & Tribal require a lot less food per day. Asides from the obvious health benefit it makes a lot of financial sense as well!

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Coldpressed Feeding guidelines?

Take a look at your feeding guidelines for your dog and do the math. 15kg sack of coldpressed versus 15kg sack of traditional oven baked kibble. Your 15kg regular adult dog might eat a little over 150g a day on Gentle by comparison to 227g a day of something like James Wellbeloved. That’s not to discredit oven baked foods, more just to create awareness of how good this food is! 77 extra grams per day is adds up in your wallet.

Anything else?

If you’re interested, come in and have a chat with me or leave some comments down below. We can talk about extrusion and lots of other interesting parts about the food and why it’s probably suitable for your hairiest family member! Whilst I’m here chatting to you it’s probably a good time to mention that I recently made a post about why I’m back on social media. So you if you want to find out about that then take a look here.¬†Otherwise, I’ll see you back here for another post very soon.

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