I wouldn’t usually bother to post this. The competition seem to be looking at what I’m doing both online and in the real world. Consider this, I know who you are and why you want to come in here. You’re worried about what I’m doing and if you can do it better. Well then, seeing as I’m talking directly to you, the competition here, let’s get into it.

As a rule I don’t like to give out advice for free unless it is deserved or you are my customer. However, since you are here and reading this right now I point you towards the quote. “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Whilst you are worried about what I’m doing you are always going to be one step behind me. You will always be one step behind me.

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It’s difficult to be ahead in the game if all you continue to do is check what my stock is like. Help yourself by avoiding what I do. What you are actually doing is hurting your own sales. Whilst I’m here making decisions about what customers will and will not buy and adhering to my own personal set of morals, you are trying to work my decisions into your store.

What you forget is that you are not and never will be my store. You lack the things that make my store mine and you always will. You can copy the stock, you can copy the formula you can even copy who I am as a person and what I offer customers but you will always at your very best be one step behind me.


Being smarter

If you’re smart you’ll understand what I’m about to say very clearly. Focus on the things that make you happy and what you think is good for your business. Knock a wall down in your own home before you try it on mine. You will not only be happier but you might be more successful if you take away the comparison.

Think of it this way. I barely even consider you. Sometimes I’ll even send people your way if I don’t stock an item, or if you do something better than me. Because it’s a learning experience and I value what is right for the customer. The most I ever have to consider your business is when you’re doing things that make everybody talk. When you do something that amazes people, I have a responsibility to look up and go…”Oh wow, look at them, that’s really cool”.

I hope you learn something from this. Next time if you want to look around my shop, why not just speak to me? I’ll happily give you advice if you’re worried. Leave your pride at the door.

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