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We do our bit for charity, we’ve donated to different charities and events and we actively support the labrador trust, DogsTrust, Macmillan, Cats Protection and Dogs for the blind. I say this not to gloat about donating to charity. Largely our efforts are funded by customers that support each different charity. What I actually wanted to talk to all of you about was a conversation I have with ALOT of customers which strikes me as confusing. All about giving and charity for animals

Here’s your story.

People will come in and purchase things, which is absolutely fantastic and then they’ll say put the change in a pot. Absolutely fair enough, no qualms with that. What befuddles me is the attitude that some people have towards charity. So I don’t mind if you don’t donate to certain charities because you’re wondering where the money goes. But I’m a little bit confused by people that will not donate to a cat charity because “the little old dears” put all the money in those pots.

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Whilst I might politely chuckle to humour you as you exit I’m baffled that your assumption is that you shouldn’t donate to a certain charity because someone else is doing it for you. One day you might be a little old dear and you still will not donate to a cat charity then. So your assumption has to be wrong. Even if your assumption was correct, you’re literally not giving to charity because someone else will instead. That doesn’t make any sense. Maybe we just need a little bit more awareness to startĀ giving, animals & charity.

I’m not trying to preach anything. What you do with your money is up to you at the end of the day. I completely understand we all have our own preferences and we can’t always afford to give money here, there and everywhere. But I do think we should take it into consideration that we cannot make assumptions especially when it comes down to charity. If everyone shared the same perspective that someone else will help out, the world will be a terrible place.


I’m interested to know what you think about what I’ve said. So speak to me in the comments below, or hit me up on social media. Other than that you can check out a couple articles I’ve recently written about coldpressed food, raw food, social media or even animal rights. Did you like this article on giving, animals & charity?


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