Independent slams raw food diet

I had to start writing when I read the headlines regarding pet nutrition. The Independent slams raw food diet and has published an article on the dangers of raw food. The independent speak about risks for dogs and humans, I’ll let you see the quotes.

Experts are warning pet owners to be aware of the risks associated with raw meat-based diets (RMBDs).

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The advice comes after researchers say these diets could be contaminated with harmful bacteria and parasites, and as such may pose a risk to both animal and human health.


The independent has no source for experts, or maybe the independent are claiming that a university study is “experts”? The independent later go on to call them researchers… What are they, students, experts or researchers?! As for the advice that diets could be contaminated with harmful bacteria and parasites, you’ll find that that’s true about any food. In particular raw foods, for humans or animals.



A trend which involves feeding cats or dogs raw meat and bones, RMBDs have become increasingly common in recent years as pet owners hail them as more natural, and void of additives or contamination

A trend that’s existed as long as animals. But I can see the point the independent might be trying to make, I don’t want to get too outraged. Seems like perhaps the independent might have some kind of bias writing this. Pet owners hail raw food as natural and void of additives or contamination because it is void of that. I’m really surprised that the independent slams raw food diet so quickly, doing little to no research.

We have food safety in production, in retail and in the home. Taking a study from the netherlands and try and twist it into something over here is ludicrous. You are not going to harm you or your dog if you take the proper precautions when purchasing raw products in the UK.


Bacteria is literally everywhere

It is reported that humans could encounter bacteria from raw foods in several ways, including direct contact with the food or with an infected pet; through contact with contaminated household surfaces; or by eating cross-contaminated human food.

If you want food poisoning, that’s how you get it. Come into contact with contaminated food and you’ll get contaminated too. I love that big news publications think it’s acceptable to publish this. It only serves to scaremonger you away from a decent diet for your dogs. Next they’ll be telling us all to put our dogs on Bakers & Pedigree if we want our animals to live 25 years. If you all want safe advice on raw feeding, here’s a few articles to reassure you.



Here’s an excerpt from wolftucker…

…which is really helpful in understanding and says it better than I ever could.

An argument against the raw dog food diet is that feeding a dog raw meat can lead to bacterial infections. Bacteria are still present on the meat, and just as worrying it could be passed on to humans through poor meat preparation, or via the faeces of the dog. Some people are concerned that a dog’s saliva could pass on these bacteria. We therefore cook meat because we think it renders it safe for our dogs.


However, we need to bear in mind that dogs are natural scavengers so are very well-equipped to deal with bacteria. In any event, they are able to deal with the low level of contamination which may be present in fresh uncooked meat. Their saliva has strong antibacterial properties; and their short digestive tract and powerful digestive juices are designed to eliminate food and ‘kill’ bacteria quickly.


Don’t forget that dogs have been roaming the wild for years eating a variety of rotten carcasses, fruit, fresh game, grasses and herbs. They even eat herbivore faeces.


The anti-bacterial juices in their mouth and stomach are highly effective and mean they can eat things which a human cannot.



Other stuff

It’s not all bad, read more of my articles. In particular the recent article about raw food is a good read. Also look into coldpressed food and take a look at the last article I posted about charity.

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