Local Pet Supplies in Cornwall & Devon

Supporting local

Castle Pets Launceston is your local pet shop with expertise in pet supplies across the whole spectrum. We stock thousands of different product lines and what we do not have, we can order in especially for you.

With that being said, we support local trade. As well as donating to animal charities we take it upon ourselves to use wholesalers and manufacturers in the cornwall and devon area. We could easily source our products from the bigger chains but feel this isn’t helping the area thrive as much.

You can check out the homepage if you want to by clicking here. Or if you want to find out more about us in the local area why not try checking us out on google.



Shopping with us

Are you in the area and want to try us out? We have several exclusive lines that are superior in many respects to a lot of the food you can find elsewhere. We get customers travelling from: Tavistock, Lifton, Lewannick, Lewdown, St Giles, Egloskerry, Liskear, Tregadillet and Altarnun.


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