Microchip cat flaps

microchip cat flap


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Petsafe recently released their latest product, the microchip cat flap! Petsafe decided to add to their range with Microchip cat flaps. This solves a host of problems with cat collars and magnetised cat flaps.

Now okay, I know what you’re thinking, trust me I was thinking it too. I bet that is expensive, right? Well yes and no. We’ve seen it RRP at £79.99 which is incredibly steep. Most retailers are pricing this much more fairly at around the £55 mark. This keeps it competing with the original microchip cat flap made by Sureflap which stays at the same price, but offers slightly less in it’s features.

With a heavy investment it’s good to know that you can program 40 different microchips into this thing and it has an led indicator to let you know when batteries are running low. It’s 4 way locking so no issues there and includes a draft excluder to stop it getting chilly indoors.


microchip cat flap 4 way


So should you buy one?


In my opinion, probably not. Whilst the product is fantastic, the price point is incredibly high for a scanner that is programmable and has an led. If you want the functionality you can find much cheaper solutions. Although you will have to come to terms with the fact that the microchip functionality will not be as good. I’d stick with the magnet four way locking Staywell for now. Retailing at £14.99 it’s much better value.

Sadly the technology just hasn’t come along far enough for me to justify it. That being said, if it sounds like the sort of thing you’re into then by all means let me know and I’ll pick one up for you. If you enjoyed this article I think you may enjoy reading what I have to say about recycling in the pet industry. If you’re interested in why i’m back on social media click here.

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