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In this article I want to talk to you about pet superstores, health newsletters and pet news. But first up, pet superstores! In a world where the local retailers are slowly diminishing and either being bought out by the larger companies, dissolving completely or heading online. It’s easy to get caught up and just head straight to what appears to be the easiest choice. If you’re in the UK maybe you buy your pet stuff from Pet’s at Home or you’ll visit a supermarket.

Consider this though. You are the kind of intelligent buyer that wants better for your pet and I know exactly the kind of people that want to help you. It’s people like me, the small shop in town. When you go into your conglomorate and spend a ton of money paying for a ceo to get a bonus, I will be here, giving away free advice and help to my customers and going above and beyond to help. I offer out discounts on what I can and I’m always willing to find a specific item you require. Consider signing up to our health newsletter if you haven’t already.

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So as you can see we’ve started creating a newsletter. It isn’t completely based on health newsletters but broadly will cover that kind of subject. You are more than welcome to sign up and if you are local come in and have a chat I’ll give you a nice little discount for helping me out! I believe it’s important to send a good message out there and if you like to be up to date and informed on what is going on in the pet industry you don’t want to miss out on this.

Pet News

The pet news this week seems to be all about love your pet day which was on the 20th of february. Seems like everyone had a few promotional deals online at the very least. Might be worth taking a look around and seeing if people are still celebrating. Other than that, there is a lot of campaigning to end the use of shock collars. Shock collars can shock a dog for up to 11 seconds on some devices. It’s cruel and frankly not needed. There are far better solutions for training and obedience.

Other Things…

I recently had a nice comment from Jan Zac who has some interesting things to say on bettering yourself. You should do yourself a favour and check out his website at

You know the rest but once again consider signing up to the health newsletters and if you want even more content right now check out my latest articles. This one on coldpressed food is interesting. If you’re interested in what I had to say directly to my competitions this article stands out.

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