Raw food problem

I was recently talking to a very nice lady called Sue, she asked me about raw food and what she should be feeding. That’s the problem isn’t it? The packaging is lovely and it’s supposed to be the best thing out there… But do I need to feed it to my dog with extra kibble, is it complete, is it a mixer? How are you going to feed it to your dogs and cats.


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What we found

So as much as it is a minefield out there with pet nutrition, it doesn’t have to be as complicated. Frozen food and raw food comes into three categories for the most part.

You have complete foods, these are meals you can feed your animals without having to add anything else into. These are typically your nuggets.

Then you have mixer, these need extra ingredients like a mixer biscuit, vegetables and other parts of a diet to be included. This would be things like minced meat.

Then you have treats, these are exactly as they sound. They are treats not to be substituted for a complete diet. This is things like turkey necks, mackeral chunks and chicken wings!


Do I cook it?

Typically you would not cook this food, it’s raw. Just thaw and serve! You can cook it if you want but bear in mind that you’ll be cooking the nutrients out of the food and from that point it changes from a raw food diet to a home cooked meal. Stick to the feeding guidelines and you will be perfectly fine on a raw diet.


Yeah but i have cats?

Good on you my friend, we have nuggets for cats for a complete diet or you can feed the mince to your cats. Cats have a much higher need for protein than dogs, so a mince block will go down very nicely for a cat with the appropriate balanced meal of course.


Guess what?

Not only do I have frozen food in store, I have lots of it. I also have coldpressed food and I’m always looking to expand my range of stock to suit the customers needs. Come in and have a chat with me about raw food. Remember to keep up to date on our latest articles here. I recently spoke about recycling and that might be interesting to read!

We stock a massive amount of natures menu food and if you’re interested you can take a look at them here.

All the best,

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