Recycling is important in the pet world

Recycling is so important it’s good to see companies like Lily’s kitchen paving the way. Lily’s Kitchen is urging pet food manufacturers to tackle plastic waste and ‘ditch the pouch’ in favour of more recyclable packaging. Whilst I don’t think this will make an impact in the present… It sets a good precedent for the future of recycling in the pet world.

Plastic pet food pouches are non-recyclable and it is estimated that in the case of cat food pouches alone, 8.8 billion end up in landfill every year.
I think that recycling is hugely important. Castle Pets we will be stocking a large amount of Lily’s Kitchen fairly soon. Remarkable that food as good as that can hold themselves to the same moral standard. 100% compostable bags and more.


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Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen is one of the founding members of B Corp in the UK, and is the only pet food company in the world to certify as a B Corporation. The B Corp community believes in using business as a force for good, acting in a responsible and respectful way as a business and using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

That is incredibly inspirational and the right move for smaller businesses to follow that example. It’s a shame that the industry is so far behind everyone else. You’ll be happy to know that at Castle Pets we recycle everything that we can. We also use and reuse packaging where possible to package your goods. It’s 2018, therefore you’ve just got to be doing your bit!


Making personal changes

The only thing that I’d like to do which is appearing to be difficult is to get the bird seed and other bags into a highly recyclable state. Too many people are not happy to pay the higher price of compostable and recyclable bags. As we continue to grow this will be easier and easier to overcome.

Sometimes it’s difficult to adapt, I think that whilst Lily’s Kitchen are making a very impressive start to the problem. However the chain dives all the way back, you’ve got multiple lorries using fuel, lugging around non-recycled pallets. On those pallets you have cardboard and that’s cardboard the customer never even see’s. You would not believe the immense amount of packaging that your packaging comes in.

In a world where money is more important than morality it’s difficult to see some companies switching. Profit margins are everything and we have already seen what companies can do. As a result manufacturers are wholesaling and retailing and taking money here there and everywhere and if you think they’ll give up even 1% of that to help the planet with adding 1% on to the product cost you might want to see a doctor.


Good food as well?

Most of all if you’re interested in good quality foods as well as recycling it might be worth reading my recent article about coldpressed foods! Other than that if you want to know more about why i’m back on social media you can check out that article here.

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