Coming back to social media!

Social media has become a massively successful way to produce and publish content online. I’m now putting myself back onto platforms like Facebook & Twitter. I also have new additions like LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and a few others. Castle Pet’s will continue pushing social media from this point on.

I say this not because I must but because it’s important that you know I’m here for business. Staying socially active is important but too much social stimuli from facebook and other social media can be toxic. I looked back on my last year and with a new invigorated attitude I decided it was very much time to double down and get Castle Pet’s to be exactly what I want it to be. A place where animal lovers alike could come and purchase the best products for their animals. A place with reasonable prices and excellent customer service.

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More about us…

Those of you that seek to understand me a little better, know this… I am very ambitious and I like to learn! The people around me would probably call me a bit of a joker but if you need help with your animal, in all honesty, I’m right there with you. Whatever advice I can give to you, I absolutely will. You never know perhaps this year I’ll move on from my pet nutrition diploma and move on to other things!

I promised myself that I would become a better and more productive person. Achieving my goals has become something I’m striving for. Part of achieving my goals this year includes having a greater business social media presence and whilst it was on occasion nice to peruse through the daily lives of those on twitter and facebook, the distraction is too much. I will only be using social media to enhance my business presence and I hope that is something you can understand.

Remember to keep yourself updated on Castle Pets or social media or even by following the RSS feed. If you want to know more specifically about us you can check that out on our about us category.

Enjoy my profiles for what they are! A place to enrich your mind about pets and on occasion to see where I’m at and what I might be doing. I’m rather enjoying myself because I can see the results of a positive attitude taking effect!

All the best,

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